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Lady Coventry

"Come home, love, and forget all this," said her husband, ringing the bell and eager to be gone. "Lady Coventry´s carriage."

And as he gave the order, a smile broke over her face, for the sound assured her that the game was won. Pausing an instant on the threshold before she vanished from their sight, she looked backward, and fixing on Gerald the strange glance he remembered well, she said in her penetrating voice, "Is not the last scene better than the first?"

Termina assim este livro de Louisa May Alcott.Como já seria de esperar, este livro é sobre uma mulher.Penetrante.Persuasivo.Este livro apresenta-nos Jean Muir como personagem principal.Uma mulher com um objectivo. "win the game".Era para isso que ela vivia.Para conseguir chegar ao fim e ganhar (através da manha, da malicia, da quase impossibilidade)...mas ganhou.ganhou um nome.Lady Coventry venceu, contra tudo e contra todos.

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The Last Chance

"She did not speak, but a little hand stole out from under the falling hair,as if to keep him. With a broken exclamation he seized it, drew her up into his arms, and laid his grey head on her fair one,too happy for words. For a moment Jean Muir enjoyed her sucess; then fearing let some sudden mishap should destroy it, she hastened to make all secure. Looking up with well- feigned timity and half-confessed affection, she said softly, "Forgive me that I could not hide this better. I meant to go away and never tell it, but you were so kind it made the parting doubly hard."


"Dear Sir John, be sure of this, I love you truly. I will do my best to be a good wife to you, and prove that, in spite of my many faults, I possess the virtue of gratitude."

If he had known the strait she was in, he would have understood the cause of the sudden tenor of her words, the intense thankfulness that shone in her face, the real humility that made her stoop and kiss the generous hand that gave so much. For a few moments she enjoyed and let him enjoy the happy present, undisturbed. But the anxiety which devoured her, the danger which menaced her, soon recalled her, and forced her to wring yet more from the unsuspicious heart she had counquered."

Esta mulher é um perigo...Vai levar os homens desta familia à "loucura".LOL

Ela continua a esconder algo que ninguém sabe o que é... E sem ter medo arrisca tudo!

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Terça-feira, 16 de Janeiro de 2007

Passion and pique

"- You are very disobidient; why won´t you sleep?

- I can´t, I want to listen. I´m fond of nightingales.

- Then I shall sing no more, but try something that has never failed yet. Give me your hand, please.

Much amazed, he gave it, and, taking it in both her small ones, she sat down behind the curtain and remained as mute and motionless as a statue. Coventry smiled to himself at first, and wondered which would tire first. But soon a subtle warmth seemed to steal from the soft palms that enclosed his own, his heart beat quicker, his breath grew unequal, and a thousand fancies danced through his brain. He sighed, and said dreamily, as he turned his face toward her, "I like this."

And in the act of speaking, seemed to sink into a soft cloud which encompassed him about with an atmosphere of perfect repose. More than this he could not remember, for sleep, deep and dreamless, fell upon him, and when he woke, daylight was shining in between the curtains, his hand lay alone on the coverlet, and his fair-haired enchantress was gone."

Achei esta descrição simplesmente perfeita...

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Sábado, 6 de Janeiro de 2007

Falsas Aparências

"Everyone looked at her then, and all felt a touch of pity at the sight of the pale-faced girl in her plain black dress, with no ornament but a little silver cross at her throat.Small, thin, and colourless she was, with yellow hair, grey eyes, and sharply cut, irregular, but very expressive features. Poverty seemed to have set its bond stamp upon her(...).

When alone Miss Muir´s conduct was decidedly peculiar. Her first act was to clench her hands and mutter between her teeth, with passionate force, "I´ll not fail again if there is power in a woman´s wit and will!" She stood a moment motionless, with an expression of almost fierce disdain on her face, then shook her clenched hand as if menacing some unseen enemy. Next she laugh, and shrugged her shoulders with a true French shrug, saying low to herself, "Yes, the last scene shall be better than the first. "(...)

Still sitting on the floor she unbound and removed the long abundant braids from her hair, wiped the pink from her face, took out several pearly teeth, and slipping off her dress appeared herself indeed, a haggard, worn, and moody woman of thirty at least. (...) Now she was alone, and her mobile features settled into their natural expression, weary, hard, bitter. She had been lovely once, happy, innocent, and tender; but nothing of all this remained to the gloomy woman who leant there brooding over some wrong, or loss, or disappointment which had darkened all her life.

Este  excerto é so para vos aguçar a curiosidade. Inevitavelmente temos entre mãos uma personagem multifacetada, que passou por algo sombrio que a tem perseguido por toda a vida. Mas atenção, Miss Muir ou anda a tramar alguma ou já a tramou!LOL


Hope you like it*

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